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Thank you for your interest in our laboratory. From time to time, we accept interns and volunteers to assist us with our projects and data analysis. This page will provide you with all the important information regarding our program as well as the philosophy of our laboratory. Please read the following before contacting us.

Internships and volunteer opportunities are a great way to gain some experience in research. Studying marine biology and marine mammals is a dream for a lot of students but when exposed to the day-to-day life of a marine biologist, many students realize that it might not be for them. Our work involves a lot of data analysis, computer work and equipment maintenance. Field work, while a major component of our work, does not always occur on a daily basis.

Internships provide students the chance to assist graduate students, post-docs or researchers during data collection and/or data analysis. It is a great opportunity to learn about computer programming, acoustics, new technologies and other tools used in our lab.

While we usually accept volunteers and interns regularly, keep in mind that opportunities will be project dependent (if we do not have active projects that require additional assistance, we might not invite you to volunteer). More generally, we are looking for students who will integrate well in the lab. We all work together and assist each other on a variety of projects. You will be joining a team and we want to ensure that your work philosophy is a good fit for us. We promote strong collaborative effort, sound science and innovative thinking. We love what we do and we enjoy doing it ! Positive attitude, openness and thrive to learn are essential values in our program. We expect our volunteers and interns to be pro-active and independent.


If you think MMRP is the place for you, please visit our members page to contact us directly !



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