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Lewis Evans
Master's student

One of my research interests includes assessing the health and behavior of sentinel species. This information can be utilized to help indicate anthropogenic impacts, such as climate change, on ecosystem health. I will be using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) in Hawaii and Alaska to collect photogrammetry measurements of humpback whales as a continuation of the long-term dataset to help assess the impact of climate change.


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Lewis grew up West of London in England where he had little contact with the ocean. He first took an interest in the marine environment through the BBC’s Blue Planet series. After this series, Lewis became fascinated with the ocean and decided from an early age to pursue Marine Biology. This interest led him to obtain a BSc degree in Marine Biology at Bangor University, Wales. After completion of his BSc, he pursued an internship with the Marine Mammal Research Program in 2021 where he helped with the assessment of the North Pacific humpback whale population through the collection of photogrammetry measurements and photo identification. He also assisted with other projects through MMRP including spinner dolphin and bottlenose dolphin abundance and demography. Lewis is excited to implement his acquired experience and skills into his graduate degree to further our understanding of anthropogenic impacts on humpback whales.



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