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Broadly, my interest is in applied research and the role findings can have in limiting the impacts humans have on natural systems. I am particularly interested in free-ranging cetaceans and using innovative technology such as Unoccupied Aerial Systems (UAS or drones) and Customized Animal Tracking Solutions (CATS) suction cup tags to gain new perspectives on long-studied species. My Ph.D. project aims at using these technologies to gather new insights into the foraging ecology of the endangered population of false killer whales in Hawai'i and contribute to the ongoing recovery efforts. 


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Jens Currie is the principal investigator for Pacific Whale Foundation’s Hawaiʻi research studies and directs their domestic research activities. He is also enrolled in a Ph.D. Program at the University of Hawaiʻi with a focus on studying the foraging ecology of various odontocete, particularly false killer whales, with the Marine Mammal Research Program. His research focuses on modeling anthropogenic and environmental impacts on cetacean populations. Recent research has been focused on developing guidelines for the whale watching industry to minimize disturbance and using UAS (drones) to better understand the health of various species of dolphins. Jens has a wide and varied background including studying lobster fecundity in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, modeling the impacts of aquaculture pens on the surrounding marine environment, evaluating ecosystem goods and services in coastal South Africa, and determining the impacts of vessel traffic on Hawaiʻi’s humpback whales. 






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