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Post Doctoral Researcher


My research uses a combination of techniques to answer questions related to the biomechanics, behavior, and ecology of large marine mammals, with a particular focus towards understanding the effects of body size on form and function. Currently, I am interested in the energetic economy of migration as well as unique foraging strategies such as bubble-net feeding. As a member of MMRP, my primary goal is to train the next generation of researchers to effectively use inertial sensing tags, both in the field and the lab.



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Will Gough is a post-doctoral researcher at the Marine Mammal Research Program at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. He did his undergraduate work at Cornell University, a masters at West Chester University, and most recently finished up a PhD at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station under the mentorship of Dr. Jeremy Goldbogen. Throughout this time, he has been involved in numerous research projects focused broadly on biomechanics and behavior, with such varied topics as: urination behavior of domestic dogs, kinematic analysis of eider duck predator-escape responses, anatomical structure and material properties of odontocete tail flukes, and the scale-dependence of swimming and foraging kinematics and energetics in large cetaceans. Outside of research, Will has developed training tools and workshops to teach researchers and the public how to work with biologging methodologies. He has also led a program at Hopkins aimed at bringing local high-schoolers into the lab to learn analytical skills and work directly with researchers on independent projects.







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