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2020 HIMB Schmidt Summer Program in Marine Science: Apply now !

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Written by MMRP

Wanna participate in an all expenses-paid class on new technologies and marine science at Coconut Island ? MMRP will be accepting four or five participants to this year's HIMB Schmidt Summer Program in marine Science. Apply by June 30th for this great hands-on opportunity! See the Youtube video below for last year's class !

Video made by Edson Vieira, who participated in the class in 2019. For more videos made by previous participants, please click here

Dates: August 31st to September 25th, 2020

Format: 4-week intensive, on-site summer program

Participants:16 maximum

Instructors: Lars Bejder (, Elizabeth Madin (, Joshua Madin ( plus invited guest instructors.

Cost: All costs are covered (course fees, accommodation, subsistence food, and reasonable travel costs)

The goal of this course is to introduce participants to innovative technologies and their uses in the field of marine science. The course will be open to incoming graduate students, graduate students, postdocs, and other early-career researchers. The course will leverage the exceptional research capacities, facilities, and location of HIMB and Moku o Lo’e (Coconut Island) to advance scientific and career goals of participants who otherwise may not have this unique opportunity.

The course will include lectures, hands-on field work, a lab component, and data analysis for projects developed during the program. The course will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of conducting robust science, including open and reproducible science, science communication beyond academia to diverse stakeholder groups, and more. Included in the course will be a statistical programming module and guest lectures by scientists, conservation practitioners, and managers using cutting-edge technology. Participants will gain hands-on exposure to a range of technologies and tools relevant to the instructors’ and guest instructors’ research portfolios (e.g., unoccupied aerial systems, above-water and underwater photogrammetry, remote sensing imagery, 3D laser scanning and printing, and more). Broadening participants’ exposure to new and emerging technologies will provide them a foundation upon which to incorporate these technologies into their scientific and career goals. 

To apply:

Candidates should submit the following materials via email to in a single PDF document, with the file name “YourLastNameFirstInitial_HIMBSummerCourse2020.pdf” and the subject heading “HIMBSummerCourse application” by 5 pm on June 30th, 2020 (Hawaii–Aleutian Standard Time):

1. Brief introductory cover letter (maximum of 1 page)

2. Two statements covering (maximum of 300 words each):

Your areas of research interest

What you hope to gain from the course

3. Your CV

For questions, please contact the instructors. We look forward to receiving your applications !

Important note: Please understand that the dates above are a placeholder, and that the course may be delayed further or cancelled altogether in 2020 depending on progress towards reopening institutions and travel.  Also, note that acceptance may be contingent upon rules for travel from participants’ countries. We reserve the right to cancel the program or individual participation should our COVID-19 restrictions not align with the restrictions of the nations of participants.


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